Welcome to Plow Town

Our first children’s book, Welcome to Plow Town, is finally complete. The picture book is based on a story my co-author husband Chuck and I used to tell each other. Inspired by a simple garage under a highway overpass in our hometown of Peabody, MA, we used to think “what if a family of snow plows lived in that garage?”… This led to us developing a tale of a plow family, hibernating like bears in a cave, except in opposite seasons.

Although we actually wrote the story several years ago, we didn’t exactly put our minds towards publishing it until this year. After an extensive search, we had the pleasure and fortune of working with a talented illustrator in Kory Fluckiger. Kory brought a colorful and exceptional style to help bring our characters to life. It was a great experience and Kory’s professional technique guided us through a process that included reviewing our manuscript, storyboards of initial illustrations, character and scene development, and then finally reviewing the book.

It’s been an amazingly fun project and we are excited it to start sharing the soon-to-be published book with our kids, family, friends and all those who we know will enjoy our story. Although we have begun the process to have our book independently printed, we are also focused on making Welcome to Plow Town available on all the major tablet/e-reader devices including and especially the Amazon Kindle, Barnes & Noble Nook and iPad.

We’ll be posting updates on the book’s launch and availability here on our blog, on our Twitter accounts @redseatmedia & @plowtown and on our Facebook page. Stay tuned and we can’t wait to Welcome you to Plow Town!

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