The reviews are in! Over 10 5-star reviews on Amazon

Thanks to fans and supporters of The Plow Family, our first story has achieved a 5-star rating on Amazon after 15 reviews. Parents and preschool teachers are raving about “Welcome to Plow Town”.

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Here are excerpts from some of our favorite reviews:

“I would recomend the book to anyone whom has children ages 4 to 9. We are looking forward to the next book.” – Jeremy R.

“This book, “Welcome to Plow Town” is a really fun, entertaining, and educational book. I would recommend it to parents as well as preschool and kindergarten teachers.” – Laurie

“Wonderful story, my son who is 7 loved the book and has read it several times now. This is a the perfect length for bedtime stories and the illustrations are colorful and interesting. What a great topic for a children’s book, and a perfect way for children to learn about plows, work, seasons, family etc. We are looking forward to the next one!” – Bower Trisfal

“One of the first books that my now 6 year old read all by herself was Welcome to Plow Town. We were cuddled in her bed, just the two of us, as she sounded out words and made some funny voices too. It is just one of the many reasons this book is so special to us.” – Michelle S.

“I read Plow Town to my preschool class and the children loved it! I thought the book was well written, had wonderful, kid friendly pictures, and it even was educational. I highly recommend the book.” – Stepping Stones

Thank you, everyone, for supporting our story!

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