Preview of two new story covers

We just got the preview cover images from Kory, our illustrator, for the two new stories.

In the first of these 2 new stories, “Doing a Great Job”, the Plow Family helps a couple in need as they welcome a new addition to their family. Through this adventure, children will learn unselfishness, kindness to those in need and the importance of taking your time to do a good job for others. It’s a story all families will value, especially those who have introduced (or are about to introduce) a new baby.

The second new story is quite epic and sure to become a favorite for all ages. In “Have a Safe Winter”, during a class field trip to a fire station, children will learn little known but important facts about firefighters and hear the story of how the Plow Family once helped save the day. For this story we have worked with our local fire department to find some amazing facts and important safety tips to share with parents and children.

You can help us publish these new stories by pre-ordering them individually, or as the full collection of Plow Family Adventures, via our Kickstarter project:

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