The Plow Family is coming home to Peabody!

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Peabody couple bringing their beloved children’s books to Barnes & Noble for a reading and signing.

PEABODY, MA   On Wednesday, November 13, 2013, at 11:00 am, co-authors Jamie and Chuck Freedman will be reading & signing copies of The Plow Family Adventures books at Barnes & Noble in Peabody, MA. In addition to being the first national bookstore to carry the popular and expanding children’s book series, this Barnes & Noble store is just minutes from very spot that inspired The Plow Family Adventures.

The husband and wife duo were inspired by a garage under the Route 128 highway overpass in their childhood hometown of Peabody, MA. They started thinking “what if a family of snow plows lived in that garage?” This led them to develop a tale around a family of snow plows, hibernating like bears in a cave, except in opposite seasons. Jamie, who holds a degree in early childhood education, saw an opportunity to teach kids through colorful characters who love helping other people. They set a goal to create their first story in time for when their oldest son, now six, started learning to read.

Jamie and Chuck Freedman with their first story.

Jamie and Chuck Freedman with their first story.

They self-published their first story, “Welcome to Plow Town“, which introduces the characters and sets in motion the positive messaging that has become a successful recipe for the stories. In the first book, Abby, the youngest Plow eagerly awaits the coming winter as readers are treated to an artistic transition of seasons. Once winter kicks in, The Plow Family rolls into action, clearing the way for a school bus to safely bring students to school. All books in the series feature the talented illustrations of Kory Fluckiger, chosen among hundreds of interested artists for his incredible ability to bring the characters to life.

Welcome to Plow Town” was accepted in many local book stores and sold extremely well over the winter. Among the stores carrying the first book were the Friend Street Bookstore in Amesbury (formerly of Newburyport), River Run Bookstore in Portsmouth, NH, Little’s Block of Shoppes in Georgetown, MA and The Wenham Tea House.

The book series caught the attention of Mascot Books, a publisher recognized throughout New England for their “Wally The Green Monster” series co-authored by Red Sox MVP 2nd baseman Dustin Pedroia. The partnership was fitting, since Jamie and Chuck created The Plow Family Adventures with a company they named “Red Seat Media” after the famed red seat at Fenway Park. Timing was perfect as the couple, with help from their family and friends via the popular site Kickstarter, were ready to bring new titles to market.

In July, Mascot Books helped Red Seat Media launch two Plow Family Adventures books in high quality hardcover editions. With the series expanding as a much better product, both “Welcome to Plow Town” and their second new book, “Doing a Great Job” began hitting many more shelves over the summer. In addition to the original local stores, signed copies of the books are now available in over 12 stores from Boston, throughout the North Shore and across New Hampshire. The couple proudly maintains a list of local stores carrying the books on their web site at The books are also available on,, through the iBooks on all iOS devices, as well as the Kindle and Nook.

Always looking forward to meeting new young readers, the Peabody Barnes & Noble event on Wednesday, November 13 will be a special one. The couple has several other stories in the works and hopes to launch an educational game for all devices later this year. For more information, contact, or visit them on Facebook (, Twitter (@theplowfamily and @redseatmedia) or on their website,

It was the infamous garages underneath Route 128 at Lowell Street that inspired the husband and wife author team to dream up The Plow Family.

It was the infamous garages underneath Route 128 at Lowell Street that inspired the husband and wife author team to dream up The Plow Family.

Official event info from Barnes & Noble:

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