Free Sticker Giveaway and Winter hat contest!

Hello The Plow Family Adventures fans. Just in time for the holiday and winter season, our new stickers and hats have arrived! The stickers feature 16 favorite scenes and characters from our book. They are high resolution, glossy and lasting quality stickers that will be super fun to use. Kids can stick and peel them on almost anything. We even encourage grown-ups to put them on the back of your mobile phones.


The winter hats definitely exceeded our expectations when they arrived. The Plow Family is colorfully embroidered on the front of the hats, just as they appear on the cover of our first book, Welcome to Plow Town. The hats are fleece and super comfy but we must warn you — although they are “one size fits most”, and aren’t pre-shrunken, they may be a bit big for tiny heads.

So how can you get our new stickers and hats?

We are now including the stickers FREE with every book purchase. We’ve even re-listed our books “Welcome to Plow Town” and “Doing a Great Job” on this site at lower prices.

The hats will be included in special “Gift” sets, available in our online store here, as well as on Amazon.


Now, about the free stickers and hats. It’s simple.

All we ask is that you review any of our products anywhere online you can! For every great review you give us, we’ll send you a free sticker sheet. So, follow these simple steps and we’ll send you a sticker sheet or as many as you want.

1. Review our books or games at one or more of the following sites:
– On Amazon:
— “The Plow Family Adventures”
— “Alphabet Blizzard”
— “Doing a Great Job”
— “Welcome to Plow Town”
– On B&N:
— “Alphabet Blizzard”
— “Doing a Great Job”
— “Welcome to Plow Town”
– On the Apple App Store:
— “Alphabet Blizzard”
– On the Google Play Store:
— “Alphabet Blizzard”
2. Post a link to your review on Facebook or Twitter and mention us in the post!
– For Facebook, type “@The Plow Family” << You must be following us on Facebook for it to show up as you type.
– For Twitter, simply include “@theplowfamily”.
3. We’ll keep an eye out for your shared reviews. As we spot them, we’ll contact you to get the address where you’d like your shiny new stickers sent!

Oh, and the free hats… Each week, we’ll randomly pick 5 reviews and include a hat with your stickers. So, the more reviews you post, the better chances you have of winning a hat. It’s that easy!

Thank you,
-Jamie and Chuck

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