Alphabet Blizzard Support

Letter Games

The first game guides your child to recognize the letters of the alphabet by name and by sound. After the letter is announced, the snow plow appears and can be dragged towards the correct letter. You can choose whether the letter name or sound is announced. After playing through 13 or all 26 letters, a report is displayed suggesting which letters you can practice more.

Word Games

This game announces one of several popular site words and helps your child identify the word. Two words are displayed at a time, and you drag the snow plow through a pile of snowballs toward the correct word. Again, a report is displayed suggesting which words you can practice.

Story Games

This game incorporates actual pages from the popular The Plow Family Adventures stories. Slightly more challenging, your child helps find missing letters in the words of the page to complete the story. This game features beautiful illustrations from The Plow Family Adventures series titles “Welcome to Plow Town” and “Doing a Great Job”.